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Other Roles

Young Interpreters

Our young interpreters play an important role at Childeric and we are very proud of them.  They are children that are fluent in their mother tongue and in English.  They support younger children that speak the same language and help them to develop their English.

They are also used to interpret for adults when required, for example, if a visitor or parent comes to the office and speaks only a little English then a young interpreter can be called to assist to ensure that we are able to help the visitor/parent fully.

Buddy Readers

Buddy Readers are children selected from Year 6.  The role of the Buddy Reader is to help children in KS1 to gain confidence with their reading and to help them enjoy reading.

Buddy Readers read with their ‘buddy’ for between 5 and 10 minutes a week during KS2 lunchtime.

Skills required for being a Buddy Reader include being positive, kind, sociable, enthusiastic about reading, as well as being a good role model.


Squaddies are children that are chosen to assist at lunchtime, mainly in the dining hall.  They may be responsible for handing out cutlery or water or may be asked to collect the next class that is due to come in for their lunch.
Squaddies are usually chosen from Year 2 and it starts to teach them about taking responsibility.