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Autumn Term
Our topic this term is ‘Ourselves’.  We think this is a good topic to start the year with so we can find out about each other.  We talk about what we look like, where we live, our families and what we like to do.  We look at how our bodies work, what we call different parts of our body and what happens inside our bodies.  We talk about our emotions and what makes us happy or sad.  We enjoy reading ‘Owl Babies’ and we talk about how it would feel to lose our mummies.  We make a fantastic display of the owl babies and their mummy; we use lots of different materials, including paint and tissue paper.
We learn about our senses and how we use them.  We particularly enjoy learning about our taste and smell senses.  We visit The London Docklands Museum, where we use different senses to find out about different spices and goods and we think about where they have come from.  Using actions, songs, costumes and props, we help our storyteller to recreate a fantastic traditional story from China about spices, silk and a merchant who could not control his greed.

Spring Term
Our topic this term is ‘Stories and Rhymes’.  We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and act out the story.  We also taste 3 kinds of porridge and vote on which one is our favourite.  We read The Three Little Pigs and we find out that the wolf has destroyed the new little pig’s roof.  We test materials such as tissue, sponge and plastic to see which would be the best new roof for the pigs.
We learn about the story of Chinese New Year and the animal’s great race.  We also try some Chinese food and vote for our favourite.  We even have a go at learning to say and write Chinese Numbers to 10.
We visit our Local Library for a story-telling session.  We enjoy listening to the different stories and looking through all the books in the library.  The library let us take one book each back to school.

Summer Term
Our topic this term is ‘In our Garden’.  We look at all the different types of plants and animals that are found in gardens.
We talk about where parks and gardens are found and what might be in them. 
We look at changes that occur as a seed grows and we plant sunflowers, beans, flowers and vegetables, discussing what they needed to grow.  We enjoy looking after our class tadpoles and watching them grow into frogs.  We also observe the changes occurring to the class caterpillars.
We visit Surrey Docks Farm and enjoy meeting and finding out about all the different animals.  We really like playing with the Goats and their Kids.  This term we also visit Greenwich Ecological Park, where we learn about different mini-beasts and where they like to live.  Our favourite activity at the Ecological Park is Pond Dipping.
We look at Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting and painted our own version.
We explore different media such as pastels, chalks and charcoal to make representational drawings.  We also make 3D models of mini-beasts using various materials and discuss the 3D shapes that we use.