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Year 2

During the Autumn Term our topic was ‘All around the world’.  Throughout this topic the children discover how famous explorers had sailed around the world.  They study the life of Christopher Columbus and how he was trying to travel to India and China but landed in the West Indies and America.  They are even visited by Christopher Columbus and are able to ask questions they had already prepared.  The children are fascinated by life aboard the ships at that time.  They examine maps of the world and identify the Oceans and Continents.  The children find out where the hottest place and coldest places in the world are and then have to imagine what it would be like to visit them and write a postcard to friends and family.
In Art the children study repeating patterns from different cultures and design their own patterns.  In Design and Technology the children link the work they have been doing on Healthy Eating and chose which fruits to put in a smoothie and a fruit salad, make the smoothie and the fruit salad, and finally evaluate the look, texture and taste, an important Design and Technology skill. 

During the Spring Term our topic is called ‘Heroes.’  The children learn about the life of Florence Nightingale.  They use different sources to discover facts about her life.  The children think of questions that they would like to ask her.  They compare hospitals at the time of Florence Nightingale and now.
Furthermore, both classes visit The Monument as part of their study of the Great Fire of London in 1666.  They compare old maps with recent maps and are fascinated by how things have changed.  They place that event and the birth of Florence Nightingale on a time line.
In Art the children study comic book art and the drawings of superheroes.  Also, the children have a visit from a real comic book artist who helps the children to create their own comic books.  They read a book called Traction Man and make ‘mini worlds’ using shoe boxes.
In music lessons the children listen to music inspired by heroes and in groups try to reproduce their own ‘superhero’ theme tune.

Summer Term
Our topic during the Summer Term is ‘Nature Detectives’.  This has very close links with our Science work where the children look at plants and animals in our local environment and use this to think about variation of plants, animals and humans.  By looking in the school gardens the children are able to investigate the habitats of ‘minibeasts’ and study creatures close-up. Also, both classes thoroughly enjoy the visit to London Zoo.  Within the classrooms the children study the life of stick insects and cared for and hold the four stick insects we had in the classroom.
Also, in Art they look at Natural Designs including symmetrical patterns and the colours we can see around us in the natural world.  The children use their own designs inspired by nature and then print them using polystyrene tiles, rollers and paint.
In Music the children think about sounds in Nature by listening carefully and trying to reproduce the sounds in short rhythmic and melodic patterns.

The children take part in activities in Art and P.E.