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Year 3

During the Autumn Term our topic is ‘World War II’.  Throughout this topic the children explore how the local area was affected by the blitz.  The children experience evacuation, when they take part in WWII day.  They experience WWII style lessons and are later evacuated to a mock underground station.
The children create timelines placing key figures and significant events into chronological order.  They enjoy a history walk of the local area looking at areas that had been affected by the war and how they have changed since.  They examine old photographs and maps and are fascinated by how things have changed.
The children watch a variety of documentary films throughout the term concerning personal experiences in the war.
They have an enlightening trip to the Imperial war museum where they discover life in the trenches and first-hand accounts of being an evacuee.  They compare a 1940s house to their own and they find the armoury.
The children finish the topic with a V.E. day party, which the children find exhilarating.

During the Spring Term for our topic we study China.  The children learn all about China and its many different cultures and traditions.  In Geography they used atlases and maps and other geographical sources of information to examine the physical and human features of places.
During the Spring Term year 3 go on a trip into London, to Chinatown.  The children have a walking tour of the area where they look at the differing ways the street signs and street decorations are displayed.
China ties nicely into the schools Chinese New Year celebrations. Both classes prepare and display work in the corridor.  The children love listening to Chinese music and enjoy creating art using Chinese calligraphy.
In Art they use crepe paper to create traditional Chinese lanterns which are then hung down the corridor to create an authentic Chinese scene.  
The children study Chinese inventions and evaluate their use in modern society.

During the Summer Term we look at Roman invasion and settlement of Britain.  To begin with the children investigate life in pre-Roman Britain, the Celts.  The children then go on to understand why the Romans invaded and the effects they had on the culture and landscape of Britain.
In geography, map and atlases are used to place and locate Roman settlements that still exist today.  The children discover life in Ancient Rome, through various sources; the internet, the library and by examining archaeological artefacts.
In art the children study woad and Celtic patterns; Roman mosaics and statues and the effects of these on British art. The children then go onto recreate their favourite Roman artefact using the medium of clay.

To link into the previous learning on Romans the children learn about the history of the Ancient Greek Olympics and how they affected Roman life.