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Year 4

Our learning in the Autumn Term focuses around the topic Ancient Egypt.  Our history learning for this topic is based on ordering events on a timeline, and understanding historical practices and beliefs of the society.  We learn about the day to day life of the Ancient Egyptians, particularly focusing on their farming methods and belief in Egyptian Gods.  The children enjoy using a range of secondary sources to find information and enthusiastically take part in our school trip to the Horniman Museum.  From this learning the children understand the cultural importance of Mummification and keenly create designs for Sarcophagi.  Our geography learning within this topic includes looking at the location of Egypt in the world, and locating the Nile River within the country.  We discuss the importance and the use of the Nile for the Ancient Egyptians.

The children very much enjoy our topic during the Spring Term which is based on the Tropical Rainforest.  Our geography learning involves using maps and atlases to locate various forests around the world, and understanding the importance of the Equator in their location.  For this part of our topic we use our art skills to create a 3D corridor display to engage our learning even further!  Through weekly ukulele lessons we also have the opportunity to learn forest related songs, which we practise to performance standard!  Our science learning, through the unit of habitats, is also included in our topic on the Rainforest as we begin to identify birds and animals that are adapted to life there.  Through research of secondary sources we collect facts about our chosen animal which we present through information books in literacy.  The children particularly enjoy seeing the plants and tree life that would be found in the Rainforest on our trip to Kew Gardens.


Our topic for the Summer Term was the Seaside.  To begin our topic, the children enjoy locating and comparing seaside locations around Britain.  Through our history learning we look at the origin and tradition of seaside holidays and understood how they compare to now.  Our design and technology learning gives us the opportunity to look at boats!  We carefully consider the structure, design and purpose of boats and the children thoroughly enjoy planning and making their own version.  We even get the chance to test these and evaluate what makes our product effective.  Throughout the Summer Term we continue to link our topic learning to others areas of our learning.  Two examples of this are using explanation texts to explain the physical geographic processes that lead to coastal erosion and an explanation of how our very own beach machine works.  We also thoroughly enjoy our memorable trip to the London Eye where we see many sights to compare our local geographical features to the seaside locations we study.