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Year 5

During the Autumn Term our topic is ‘Fantastic London’.  Throughout this topic the children research London and some of its famous landmarks.
The children look at school life in the Victorian era.  In addition, they go to The Ragged School to experience life as a Victorian child.  They also have a Victorian day at school which the children thoroughly enjoy.
In Geography, the children identify famous landmarks and plot them on maps that they draw to scale.  The children are taken on a walk along the River Thames and investigate the importance of water.
In Design and Technology, the children design and create their own bridge to go across the River Thames.  They evaluate the strength and structure of their bridges, which is an important skill for Design and Technology.
In Art, the children make observational drawings of historical buildings in London.  Also, they study a famous English artist called William Morris and make their own wallpaper print.
In Music, the children listen to songs written by London musicians and sing songs with musical expressions.  They also get the chance to write their own songs about London.

During the Spring Term our topic is called ‘Water World’.  The children learn about the different uses of water and safety of water.
In Geography, the children study the Water Cycle.  They explore the physical features of rivers and investigate how the rivers can cause changes in the environment.  This involves visiting Beckenham Place Park, where the children have the opportunity to wade in the stream.
In Art, the children visit the London Aquarium and study a variety of sea creatures.  The children design their own sea creature and this activity enables the children to develop their skill of using patterns and textures.  The children create water images using pastels and paints and this skill requires learning different techniques of shading and blending.
In Design Technology, the children create a 3-D shipwreck using a variety of materials.  The skill involved in this process is measuring, cutting and shaping a variety of materials, in order to join the materials accurately.

During the summer term our topic is called ‘Going for Gold’.  The children learn about the Ancient Greeks and what things we have learnt from them.
In History, the children research information about the ancient Olympic Games and they compare and contrast them to the Olympic games of today.  Children study a wide range of sources and artefacts, including archaeology, to find out about the ancient Greeks and compare a past society with society today.
In Art, the children design their own Greek God using a variety of materials.  In addition, the children visit the British Museum and study Greek Art.  This enables them to understand different traditions and cultures of Art.
In Music, they are given a variety of instruments to use.  The skill is to explore, choose, combine and organise musical ideas.

In Geography, the children look at maps of Athens and compare the geographical landscape with other parts of Greece.