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Year 6


During the Autumn Term our topic is ‘Film’. Throughout this topic the children explored the world of film and its influence on the world around us. The children create timelines placing famous actors and films into correct periods of time. They research where cinemas were located in Lewisham and discuss why they are no longer there. They examine old photographs and maps which highlights how things have changed in their local area. In Art the children design and made their very own Film awards using clay and different tools. They evaluate the final piece, which is an important skill for Design and Technology. Children also plan, design and make a popcorn holder which they then eat popcorn out of! The children watch a variety of films throughout the term including ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher, which they thoroughly enjoy. They also read the original story which gives them an opportunity to compare film and book. They visit Peckham cinema during film week.


During the Spring Term our topic is ‘Africa’. The children learn all about Africa and the many different cultures and traditions. In Geography they use atlases and maps and other geographical sources of information to examine the physical and human features of places. During the Spring Term the children take part in ‘Africa Day!’ They have a superb time celebrating African culture! They design and make African jewellery and masks and learn how to play African drums. The children love listening to African music and participating in dancing. In Art they use different techniques to create African scenes using a variety of mediums and experimenting with silhouettes. The children visit the Docklands Museum where they learn lots about the origins of slavery and the impact it had on Africa and the wider world. The class text is ‘The White Giraffe’ by Lauren St John. The children love the story and it helps create an image of Africa and compliments the topic greatly.


During the summer term our topic is ‘Futures’. The topic focuses on the transition to secondary school as its major theme. The children take part in workshops delivered by Make Believe Arts. Both workshops highlight issues surrounding attitudes towards starting secondary school. The topic compliments our Year Six end of Year Production and the children work hard for the production. Rehearsals for the production and the performance itself meet many Key Skills associated with Music, Art and DT. The production also has a beneficial impact on the children’s confidence. The ‘Futures’ topic compliments Key Skills associated with History as children studied what people in Victorian England thought year 2000 would be like. In Literacy the core text is ‘The Hunger Games’ which is set in the future. Children design an energy bar in DT for one of the characters. In Art children sketch their own futuristic products.