Childeric Primary School

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Pupils are assessed regularly at Childeric to ensure that they are making progress.  If pupils are making less than expected progress additional support is given.  Regular assessment strategies include written tasks and tests, discussions, marking classwork and self/peer assessment.
The following statutory assessments are reported to parents:

  • At the end of  Reception - attainment in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • At the end of  Year 1 - the results of the national phonics check
  • At the end of  Year 2 - teacher assessments in reading, writing, maths and science
  • At the end of Year 6 - test results for maths, reading, grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • At the end of Year 6 - teacher assessments for reading, writing, maths and science

In addition, parents receive a yearly written report.

Parents have 2 formal opportunities per year to meet with the class teacher to discuss their individual child.