Childeric Primary School

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Throughout the year children are admitted to the Nursery.  During the year we will settle over 90 children and their families into the Nursery routine.  This means that much of the Nursery work for the children and adults focuses on social, personal and emotional development.
Children are supported to work independently and in small groups and they are taught the rules and expectations of our Nursery.
Throughout each year we work to achieve the highest standards of behaviour and learning for every child.

Autumn Term
This term’s topic is ‘Stories and Rhymes’ which involves the children in work and play around many traditional stories such as ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’.  The children act out the stories and learn the sequence of events as well as beginning to use story language such as “Once upon a time”.  We use story props and puppets to bring the stories to life and the older children have a go at writing their own stories.  We also learn how to use the ‘Story-phones’ to listen to stories, songs and rhymes independently.  All the children work on developing their mark-making skills and have experience of writing their names.

Spring Term
Our topic this term is ‘Ourselves’ which involves the children in lots of work about themselves.  We use mirrors to draw our portraits and take note of facial features such as eyebrows and nostrils.  We enjoy reading books about super-heroes, drawing our own super-hero characters and writing captions for our pictures to explain what our heroes can do.  We explore what we can make our bodies do through circle games, using the parachute, dancing with ribbons and using the outdoor equipment safely and appropriately.  Using the outside area enables the children to work on all the areas of the curriculum in a very active way.  We learn about different jobs and have a visit from a fire fighter who let us try on their fire fighter’s gloves and hat.  We also take part in a story telling and dance workshop where we go on a journey to India on a magic carpet, listen to music and learn some new movements called Bhangra dancing.

Summer Term
This term’s topic is ‘In our garden’ and this enables us to observe mini-beasts such as snails and ladybirds.  The children work hard to take care of any small creatures in the garden and we have use magnifiers to look more closely at the mini-beasts.  We also enjoy looking after our tadpoles and caterpillars and watching them develop and learning about their life-cycles.  In the garden we grow beans, lettuce and sunflowers, measuring them as they grow.  We also use the lettuce to make salad sandwiches.
The children have the opportunity to use the Interactive Whiteboard programmes to develop their ICT skills.