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Nursery Autumn Term

Our topic is ‘Stories and Rhymes’.  We explore many traditional stories such as ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ in which the children learn through play.  The children act out the stories and learn the sequence of events as well as beginning to use story language such as “Once upon a time”.  We use story props and puppets to bring the stories to life and the older children have a go at writing their own stories.  They use ‘Story-phones’ to listen to stories, songs and rhymes independently.  All the children work on developing their mark-making skills and have experience of writing their names.  The children enjoy participating in a Christmas performance for the parents.

Communication and Language

Listening & Attention, Understanding & Speaking



  • To listen to stories and discussions and respond appropriately.



  • To listen and respond to simple instructions



  • To show an interest in sounds, songs and rhymes.



  • To begin to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions



  • To speak in full sentences



  • To learn and use new words

Physical Development

Moving & Handling, Health & Self-Care



  • To learn to move around the nursery safely



  • To safely use wheeled toys



  • To use the climbing equipment safely



  • To use a range of tools such as scissors, pens, and brushes



  • To use the toilet independently and wash and dry our hands



  • To put our coats on and take them off ourselves and have a go at zips and buttons.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development



  • To separate from parent/carers with support and encouragement from a familiar adult



  • To enjoy playing with or alongside other children.



  • To choose activities independently



  • To be able to share and take turns



  • To learn the nursery routines



  • To enjoy helping with small tasks



  • To understand and follow the nursery rules




Reading & Writing


  • To enjoy favourite stories, rhymes, songs & poems



  • To join in with favourite stories and use key phrases



  • To be able to talk about stories



  • To hold books correctly and turn the pages with care.



  • To recognise our names



  • To enjoy drawing and painting giving meaning to marks


Numbers, Shape, Space & Measure


  • To recite some numbers in order



  • To use language such as ‘more’ or ‘less’



  • To begin to understand time e.g. snack time, story time, home time



  • To enjoy using and talking about shapes when building or constructing

Understanding of the World

People & Communities, The World, Technology


  • To enjoy using the outdoor learning area



  • To enjoy small world play such as the farm, garage or train track.



  • To have a go at using the computer and interactive whiteboard

Expressive Arts & Design

Exploring & using media & materials. Being imaginative


  • To join in singing favourite songs and rhymes.



  • To experiment with musical instruments



  • To enjoy building and constructing with a range of materials



  • To use the role-play area



  • To move to music