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Nursery Spring Term

Our topic is ‘Ourselves’.  The children use mirrors to draw portraits taking note of facial features such as eyebrows and nostrils.  We read books about super-heroes; draw our own super-hero characters and write captions for our pictures.  The children explore using their bodies through circle games, using the parachute, dancing with ribbons and using the outdoor equipment.  We find out about people who help us, their different jobs and their roles in the community.  The children immerse themselves in role play as they ‘put out fires’, spray water on ‘burning buildings’, ‘save lives’ and pretend to be real life fire fighters.

Communication and Language

Listening & Attention, Understanding & Speaking



  • To enjoy conversations with others and to be able to listen to friends and adults



  • To take turns in conversation



  • To continue to learn and use new words



  • To retell an event in the correct order e.g. ‘I went to the park and played on the swings’



  • To use more complex sentences to link thoughts (e.g. using and because)



  • To develop an understanding of simple concepts (e.g. big/little)

Physical Development

Moving & Handling, Health & Self-Care



  • To hold a pencil correctly between thumb and two fingers and no longer a whole-hand grasp



  • To enjoy having a go at throwing and catching a ball or beanbag.



  • To be more independent e.g. wipe own nose, put scarf or hat on.



  • To copy some letters e.g. letters from their name



  • To be able to run, stop and avoid obstacles by changing direction or speed



Personal, Social and Emotional Development



  • To form good relationships with adults and other children



  • To be able to share and take turns



  • To use their words when upset or angry



  • To talk about their own feelings such as sad, happy, cross, worried.



  • To have a go themselves or getting a friend to help before asking an adult





Reading & Writing


  • To look at books independently



  • To enjoy rhymes and to begin to notice rhyming words



  • To talk about a favourite story



  • To recognise some letters sounds



  • To have a go at writing their names


Numbers, Shape, Space & Measure


  • To recite numbers to 5, 10 then 20



  • To count a set and match it to the correct numeral



  • To talk about shapes and patterns in pictures



  • To use positional language such as under, below, behind, on top.

Understanding of the World

People & Communities, The World, Technology


  • To enjoy using the outdoor learning area



  • To enjoy talking about themselves, friends and family



  • To recognise and describe special times or events such as birthdays, Eid, Christmas



  • To identify different body parts

Expressive Arts & Design

Exploring & using media & materials. Being imaginative


  • To join in with dancing and ring games



  • To explore colours and colour mixing



  • To tell their own stories using props



  • To tap out simple rhythms and make up their own