Childeric Primary School

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Year 1


We look at stories based around families and home as well as rhyme and repetitive patterns in poetry. Some of the stories we enjoy reading are: The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Six Dinner Sid and The Way Back Home. The children also develop their non-fiction writing, linked to our topic work, creating signs, labels, lists and instructions. We sing a variety of different songs that help us to remember things about ourselves. 


Children develop confidence in ordering whole numbers, counting and place value through daily maths lessons. They consolidate their knowledge of the days of the week and begin to explore the language of time.  Also, we investigate 2d and 3d shapes and solve problems.


Our science learning includes finding out about Animals including Humans. During this we look at and name the main parts of the human body and use the local environment to explore and answer questions about animals and their habitat.


This term we draw on our understanding of belonging. We look at how children are welcomed into different religions and think about what is special about belonging.


Our focus this term is ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Getting on and Falling Out’. We explore our own feelings and what it means to be a good friend.


This term we familiarise ourselves with computers: how they turn on/off; logging on etc. Also, we begin to develop our abilities to word process.


In outdoor PE  we develop our fieldwork skills - throwing, catching and rolling a ball. In our Indoor PE sessions we explore the basic gymnastic shapes and learn to balance, jump and land safely.


Me and My Family

The children design and create a special Fact File and throughout the term they use it to present their topic work.


We look at our homes and explore objects used in the home. We visit the Geffrye Museum and The Museum of Childhood where we compare different rooms and the toys our grandparents played with to those we enjoy today.


In Geography we explore our local area. We locate our homes and school on a map and on the globe. A walk of the local area helps us to draw our route to school.


This term we design, create and evaluate a photo frame in which to display our paintings produced in our Art lessons.


In Art we use paint to create self-portraits and then use various media to create pictures of our Grandparents. 


Our Music is linked to our topic, providing us with opportunities to listen to and sing the songs that our grandparents sang. We also use songs to learn about ourselves.