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Year 1 Summer Term


We read ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ as an introduction to our new topic and use this to practise our ability to retell/recount stories. We also read Cinderella and create our own play scripts. Children begin to use dictionaries effectively, read information books about castles and queens and create their own.  Children also continue to grow in confidence with their speaking and listening skills. 


Children consolidate their number facts and develop strategies for adding and subtracting.  We practice reading measures and applying this to real life problems as well as extending our knowledge of addition and subtraction within the context of money. We look at halves and quarters as being part of a whole.


Our Science topic is Everyday Materials, where we investigate materials and their suitability for different purposes.


We look at the role food plays on special days and learn about the Hindu home.


Our key themes this term are ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changes’. We look at how we interact with the people around us and why some people are more special to us than others. Finally, we look at how we have changed over the year and what changes we expect to experience as we move into Year 2.


We continue to develop our understanding of algorithms and code. We also learn to save our work independently.


During this term we foucus on athletics and the skills required to succeed in our exciting end of year sports day.


Kings, Queens and Castles


The children explore the lives of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II and discover how life changed during their reign. We watch videos of and then re-enact Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Also, we attend an exciting and extremely informative workshop at The Tower of London which helps extend both our knowledge of the royal family and of castles with a visit to see the Crown Jewels.


We research Kings and Queens of different countries across the world, with a main focus on the King of Swaziland. We compare similarities and differences of him to the Queen of England.


We design, make and evaluate castles and in particular their drawbridges. We create and evaluate celebratory food for a class banquet and make our own shields.


We make a series of developmental drawings of castles. We use charcoal and chalk to explore light, dark and shadow. We research and investigate artists such as, Degas, Turner and Paul Klee.


We explore, contrast, classify and play different instruments. Also, we listen and enjoy music that is played during a royal banquet or a royal wedding and learn to sing The National Anthem.