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Year 2 Autumn Term


We look at stories from around the world. We use drama and art to investigate and retell/write our own stories. We write instructions linked to our Topic work (recipes, etc). Also, we read and evaluate poems from across the globe and then write our own. 


We continue to develop our confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value through daily maths lessons. We are regularly challenged to apply this knowledge to solve problems.


In Science we investigate materials, looking at their properties and uses. We explore where materials come from and why some are more valuable than others. Also, we look at how materials can be changed.


This term we look at how Jesus Christ used parables to spread his teaching. We investigate the messages held within several parables and the children devise their own versions.


Our focus this term is ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Getting on and Falling Out’. We explore our own feelings  about what it means to be a good friend.


We explore how we can use technology safely and respectfully. We begin to recognise the different uses of technology beyond the classroom. Also, we develop our word processing skills.


In outdoor PE  we develop our throwing and catching skills  - learning the 3 key skills for each. In our Indoor PE sessions we look at how we can use our bodies to create sequences of movement, exploring themes of balance, reflection and floorwork.


All Around the World


We discover how famous explorers have sailed around the world. We study the life of Christopher Columbus and learn how he was trying to travel to India and China but landed in the West Indies and America. 


Throughout this topic the children locate, name and identify the characteristics which make up the United Kingdom. They will then go on a learning Journey around the seven continents and oceans investigating traditional stories, art, music, food and key historical characters. We study the human and physical geography of London and compare it to an area in a non-European country.


This term we design, create and evaluate different foods from around the world (scones, pizzas, muffins, tortillas, stir-fries).


In Art the children study traditional art from different cultures and are inspired to create their own using a variety of different media.


Our Music is linked to our topic, providing the children with opportunities to listen to traditional music/instruments from around the world. The children use their voice and instruments to explore changes in timbre, dynamics and pitch.