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Year 2 Spring Term


We read and write adventure stories investigating how language can build tension and excitement.  The children also write poems; read and write information books linked to our topic Heroes – real and imagined.


The children continue to develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value through daily maths lessons. The children are regularly challenged to apply this knowledge to solve problems.  


Our topic is Animals, including humans, where we explore the similarities and differences between the two. We investigate the effect diet and exercise can have on our bodies.


This term we investigate the main teachings of Islam, also the various traditions around Easter.


We discuss perseverance and potential and issues surrounding this, as well as ‘Good to be me’ which looks at promoting self- esteem.


Children begin to investigate algorithms using Education City and explore the beginnings of code.


In Indoor PE our focus is Gymnastics; the children use taught skills to create solo and group gymnastic performances. In Outdoor PE our focus is Invasion games.




During out topic lessons we discuss what a Hero is.  The children use a variety of sources to learn about the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They use role play and drama to investigate both characters and compare the conditions of hospitals, then to now. Children experience a visit from Florence Nightingale and have an opportunity to aid wounded soldiers during the Crimean war. The children learn about the Great Fire London in 1666, looking at the causes and effects. We compare old maps with recent maps and are fascinated by how things have changed. The children also investigate the life of Samuel Pepys and learn to write messages in code.


We link our DT learning to our topic and design our own superhero car. Also, we design structures which will prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a great height. The children evaluate their original designs and make improvements.


During our Art lessons we research and design our own superhero costumes using fabric paints, tie-dye and prints, culminating in our very own superhero catwalk.


The children listen to music inspired by heroes, and consider the types of instrumental families that are used to create a certain atmosphere. They then get the chance to compose their own backing track to superhero films.