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Year 2 Summer Term


We read and write stories with fantasy settings and explore the similarities between them. The children learn to write character profiles and study the works the authors Anthony Browne and Mary Hoffman, focusing on themes, similarities and differences and use this as inspiration to write their own. We also read information texts and make our own about our trip to the zoo.


We continue to consolidate our number facts and develop strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  The children also practice reading measures and applying this to real life problems.  They also extend their knowledge of addition and subtraction in the context of money.


We study plants and animals in our local environment and use this to think about variation of plants, animals and humans. By looking in the school gardens, local park and Nature Reserve we will investigate the various habitats of ‘minibeasts’ and study creatures close-up. We culminate the year with a thoroughly enjoyable visit to London Zoo.


We look at the key teachings and symbols of Buddhism and discover what make our world special.


 Our key themes this term our ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changes’. We look at how we interact with the people around us; why are some people more special to us than others. Finally, we look at how we have changed over the year and what changes we expect to experience as we move into KS2.


We continue to develop our understanding of algorithms and code. 


During this term we focus on athletics and the skills required to succeed in our exciting end of year sports day.


Nature Detectives


Our Geography is linked to our topic and science learning. We investigate different habitats around the world and the animals that live there. Children locate these on maps and look at photos, videos and Google earth to discuss the physical landscapes and how plants and animals have adapted to live in different habitats.


We study natural designs, including symmetrical patterns and the colours we can see around us in the natural world.  Children create their own designs, inspired by nature, using a variety of media.


In Music we think about sounds in nature by listening carefully and then reproduce these sounds using short rhythmic and melodic patterns. The children learn the song ‘Zootime’ and develop performance, rhythm and composition based around this piece.