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Year 3 Spring Term


Our text is ’Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. The children explore the events and characters using drama and art. They write in role and produce their own narratives. They are encouraged to use descriptive language to describe scenes from the story. They also develop an understanding of how to use persuasive language in their writing.


The children explore efficient ways of subtracting near 10 from 3-digit numbers and identify the correct operation to use when solving ‘real-life’ number problems.  They are encouraged to develop reasoning about number by explaining their calculations both orally and in writing. They also solve time problems using both analogue and digital clocks.


Our topics this term are: Animals- including humans, and Rocks. During our learning, the children are introduced to the main body parts associated with the skeleton and muscles, and find out the special function of each. Through learning about rocks children develop their geographical understanding by placing rock types in different locations. We investigate different kinds of rocks and soils and learn how to compare them. Our learning will also include looking at fossil formation.


We learn about Judaism: Jewish practices and beliefs, and consider the features and stories associated with festivals such as Hunakkah and Passover. In the second half of the term we look at the Easter story and celebrations. 


In our circle time discussions, we focus on setting our own goals, and achieving these, as well as considering how we respect and understand ourselves.


Our ICT learning links to our cross-curricular topic this term, as we research and create a document and presentation on China using a range of programmes.  We also focus on the safe and responsible use of the Internet.   


Our outdoor PE learning will focus on tag rugby and tennis, whilst our indoor PE lessons will include learning on invasion games and frames. This will take the form of bench-ball and gymnastics.




The history learning explores the impact of Ancient Chinese inventions and considers the effect of these on lives of people in modern society.


We study China, to link with Childeric’s Chinese New Year celebrations.  We use sources such as atlases and maps and other geographical information to examine the physical and human features of places, thus developing our understanding about China and its many different cultures and traditions. To develop this we compare a region of China to our local area and consider how China affects the world. We visit London’s Chinatown, where the children have a walking tour of the area looking at the differing ways the street signs and street decorations are displayed.


Throughout our DT learning in this topic we will look at the design of Chinese fabric and use textiles skills to sew our own creations!


In Art we use crepe paper to create traditional Chinese lanterns which are then hung down the corridor to create an authentic Chinese scene, further celebrating the Chinese New Year celebrations. We also look at the artistic skill of Calligraphy and its importance in Chinese society.


Our music curriculum explores the pentatonic scale, used as a basis for much traditional Chinese music. With this scale children have the opportunity to compose and improve their own pentatonic melody. They also look at stave notation and crotchet, minim and semibreve note values. They learn how to use these rhythms in their Chinese compositions whilst evaluating their work and that of others.