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Year 4 Spring Term






We look at stories from other cultures; learn about the features and consider the thoughts and feelings of characters. The children participate in role play activities and develop these ideas in extended writing. In non-fiction units we study information texts where we research rainforest animals to link with our rainforest topic. We then create our own information books. We also look at explanation texts and play-scripts, in each case identifying features and writing our own.


Children are introduced to decimal numbers and the different strategies for solving calculations involving decimals. There is a focus on problem solving to apply these skills. We look at measuring using different units. We also look at properties of shape using new vocabulary.


We learn about  habitats and consider which animal lives where and why. We explore habitats in our local environment and also link this to our topic learning of the rainforest.


This term we study Peace and the Easter story.


In our circle time we learn about going for goals. We  consider targets we can set ourselves and steps we can take to achieve these. This learning will be completed in discussions where children are encouraged to express their feelings.


We will continue our learning on coding and algorithms of computing.



Our outdoor PE learning will develop games techniques in tag rugby and continue to go swimming. In indoor PE we use gymnastics skills by using apparatus, to learn new balances and movements.


Rainforest Life


Our learning about the tropical rainforest, involves using maps and atlases to locate various forests around the world, to gain an understanding the importance of the Equator in their location.  We learn about the different biomes that affect vegetation growth around the world. Through research of secondary sources the children collect facts about a chosen animal which they then present through information books in literacy.  We visit Kew Gardens to see the plants and trees that would be found in a tropical rainforest.


We design and make pop-up books especially for children in the Early Years. To do this we study existing designs and evaluate the particular successes of each. The children develop skills in cutting and measuring accurately to create moving parts for the books.


For this part of our topic we use our art skills to create a 3D corridor display to engage our learning even further.


Within our music learning this term we will continue to develop our skills on the ukulele. We have the opportunity to arrange familiar songs and perform them in creative ways.