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Year 4 Summer Term


We look at stories which raise dilemmas and identify how characters and setting are created and developed. We also explore non-fiction units of explanation texts and persuasive writing. These texts link to our topic as children both explain the processes involved in coastal erosion as well as persuading people to visit their very own seaside cottage!


Our learning for this term continues to build on various strands of maths: counting, partitioning and calculating, and securing number facts. We broaden the variety of graphs we look at to include pie charts, and extend our understanding of properties of shape through describing and measuring angles.


Our science topics are: The Human Body and Electricity. Through learning about the human body we identify and name the major bones of the body and discover their purpose. This is also linked to teeth and digestion.  When learning about electricity we revise how to make a basic circuit and consider the effects of adding different elements. We also investigate the conductivity of different materials and explore reasons for the use of certain materials.


The children learn about Sikhism: identifying places of worship and important aspects of these settings.


In circle time discussions we look at relationships around us, considering special people and the interactions we have with those around us. We also consider changes ahead; identifying possible feelings and finding ways of coping with emotions and overcoming concerns.


We further develop our understanding of coding and algorithms.


In our outdoor PE lessons we learn cricket skills and develop our althletic ability, furthering our strategies with different jumps and throws. Our indoor PE lessons focus on Boccia, where we develop our throwing and competition skills. We also continue to go swimming.


At the Seaside


Through our history learning we explore the origin and tradition of seaside holidays and begin to understand how they compare to now. We look at developments in technology and society that enabled people’s holiday patterns to change and consider the leisure activities available on a Victorian British seaside holiday.


Our geography learning begins by locating and comparing seaside locations around Britain. From these we will consider similarities and differences between their physical and human features.


In DT we design and make our own puppet based on Punch and Judy. We consider existing designs on which to base our products and develop templates to maintain consistency. We then use a variety of stitching to fasten and further secure seams on our design.


Our art learning for this term considers the work of some major artists and their depiction of the seaside, namely Turner and Degas. From these two artists we identify use of colour and texture to create movement and work on blending our own colour wheel to learn about primary, secondary, complimentary and harmonising colours. 


Our music learning continues to build on the skills developed in group sessions on the ukulele. We create our own songs in composition and perform at the Summer Music Showcase.