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Year 5 Autumn Term


In English we learn how to read and write a range of text types, including instructional texts, fictional texts and poetry.  We focus especially on planning our work and following our plans when we write.  We link our English learning with our topic when we look at Greek Myths and Legends and we act out in drama specific scenes. This leads us to go onto make our own comic books based on a Greek myth.


We learn about a wide range of mathematical topics, including place value, calculation strategies, securing number facts and developing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.


We learn about the properties of materials and the changes they can go through.  This includes reversible and irreversible changes.  After half term we learn about different forces.  We look at mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears.


In Religious education we learn about Judaism, in particular the Torah, Sukkot, Purim and important times and days in the Jewish faith.

In the second half of the term we learn at the origins of the Christian Bible.


During our circle times we think about new beginnings and social skills, focussing on, self-awareness and motivation. We participate in the Roots of Empathy programme which looks at empathy and how we manage our feelings.


We learn how computers work, as well as using spreadsheets to manipulate data. In the second half of term we look at E- Safety to help children understand and develop an awareness of the range of risks associated with using different digital communications.



We continue swimming lessons this term. On Tuesdays we have a specialist P.E coach, at which time we play invasion games.


Ancient Greece.


The children learn about Greece as an ancient civilisation, discovering people’s beliefs and way of life using artefacts and evidence of the period. This is a good opportunity to compare past society with society today. We also learn about the history of Athens and Sparta.


We study ancient and modern maps of Greece. We explore climate and terrain of Greece today.  


The children Greek masks using papier mache



Through the Autumn term our learning in music centres on our topic of Ancient Greece. Through this we learn and perform songs from a play and consider rhythm and pitch. We look at note values and revise learning about placing notes on the stave. As well as our weekly singing assemblies, we also create Greek Olympic anthems.


Children learn basic greetings, simple opinions, the alphabet and numbers.  They ask and answer how they are feeling, their names and their age.  Children learn how to spell their names, count up to 100 and produce small dialogues. They also learn about Spanish culture and speak a lot of Spanish.