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Year 5 Spring Term


We continue to revise different genres in writing such as: persuasion, formal and informal letters and journalist articles. The children develop their reading comprehension skills by answering questions in relation to the text. 


The children develop written methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  They are also encouraged to find efficient methods to solve one and two step problems using mental strategies.


The children learn about Earth and Space.  They find out about the movements of the Sun, Moon and Earth and the planets in our solar system.  In the second half of term the focus is Living things and their Habitats where the children study various life cycles of plants and animals


We study Buddhism and look at the life of Buddha.  During the second half of the term we learn about the Holy Bible and where it came from.


We continue with our Roots of Empathy programmes. In our circle times we look at ‘Achieving Our Goals’ and ‘Developing Self-Confidence’.


In ICT we introduce the use of blogging. Children develop their coding skills.



We have swimming lessons this term instead of indoor P.E. sessions.  For outdoor P.E. we learn Tag Rugby and tennis with our specialist PE Coach.





The children learn about Tudor life in London. They experience a day in the life of a Tudor child by having a Tudor day in school.  We place key events and changes in chronological order on a time line, comparing past and present times of London. Our trip to London South Bank gives us the opportunity to look at old buildings and compare.


The children study maps of London and identify London landmarks. From this learning, children create information leaflets about London.


In DT we design, make and evaluate a bridge that will allow vehicles to cross.


The children undertake a London street art walk to inspire their own street art masterpiece with our art specialist teacher.


As well as our weekly singing assemblies, we listen to examples of Victorian music and compare it to music of today. We learn a Victorian dance as part of our learning Victorian daily life. We compare styles of music that are associated with London by listening to Hip Hop music and writing our own London based rap. For this we consider beat, rhythm and verse ad chorus arrangement.