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Year 6


We read a variety of texts and study the features so that we are able to write our own newspaper reports, film reviews, poems, play-scripts and stories. We learn different grammatical vocabulary. Spelling patterns are taught and the children take responsibility to keep track of spellings that are frequently spelt incorrectly. They learn to edit writing carefully and check that punctuation is accurate.


We consolidate the four operations (+ - x and ÷) and ensure that the methods are correct. We apply our times tables facts across all of our learning and take part in weekly investigations and puzzles.


The science curriculum looks at electricity. The children learn to make various different circuits and the symbols for each component. In the second half of term we look at light and how it travels in straight lines. We study light reflection and refraction in this unit.


Children study Sikhism and compare and contrast this with other religions. They then look at how various religions worship and what this means to different people.


The focus is ‘New Beginnings’; our rights and responsibilities both in school and the wider community. We then focus on ‘Getting on and Falling Out’ and explore what it means to be a good friend and how we can solve any problems maturely.


Our learning in computing is linked to our film topic this term. We use a computer programme to look at how short animations are made. We plan, create, and evaluate our own short animation.


In outdoor PE children perfect netball and football skills. In indoor PE we focus on gymnastics and dance.




Children create timelines placing films, inventions and famous people into correct periods of time. They conduct a local history study and research where cinemas used to be and how the local area has changed.


Children use atlases, learn map symbols and do a study on deserts. We also learn about earthquakes and volcanoes.


The children plan, design and make a popcorn holder which we then eat popcorn out of! We choose different materials and techniques to strengthen the product and then evaluate the end result


We look at different drawing techniques and how to create texture through a range of mark making. We use different tools to create silhouettes of characters from one of the films that we watch.


We start steel pans lessons and learn to recall sounds with increasing aural memory. We build on our vocabulary to describe and appraise different pieces of music.


Children learn basic greetings, simple opinions, the alphabet and numbers.  They ask and answer how they are feeling, their names and their age.  Children learn how to spell their names, count up to 100 and produce small dialogues. They also learn about Spanish culture and speak a lot of Spanish.