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Year 6 Spring Term


We look at persuasive arguments, diary writing and factual reports. Different genres are re-visited within reading. The children are made aware of the SATs format and work hard to get to grips with test techniques.


In maths we apply our skills to real life problems and scenarios and as with English we look at the layout for the SATs tests and the best ways of tackling such questions.


The unit is Evolution and Inheritance. We look at how animals and plants adapt to their environment. In addition to this the children study the work of Darwin and his findings on evolution.


We learn about different beliefs and practises in different religions and then focus on the Quran and its importance in Islam.


Children discuss bullying and issues surrounding this, and ‘Good to be me’ which looks at promoting self- esteem.


Children learn about E- safety and begin to recognise that different viewpoints can be found on the web. We critically evaluate the information they use, and understand some of the potential dangers of not doing so. They also develop their coding skills from last year using a computer programme. 


We learn Tag rugby and tennis and for indoor lessons, invasion games and gymnastics.




We learn all about Africa and the many different cultures and traditions. Children research the origins of slavery and the impact it had on Africa and the wider world. We also look at the ancient civilisation of Benin and the fantastic artwork produced during this period. A visit to the Horniman museum compliments this topic and a workshop where we handle original artefacts is provided.


We use atlases, maps and other geographical sources of information to examine the physical and human features of places.


We look at a range of African dishes and make a savoury meal. We also look at different paper strengthening techniques when we create our own country factfile.


We investigate bead making using clay and look at how specific colours are important in certain cultures. We create an African scene, combining colours to enhance mood.


Children read music notation in steel pans lessons and practise for performances.