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Year 6 Summer Term


We focus on making the children ready for secondary school. Texts we study include: formal letters, fantasy and science fiction writing. Spelling techniques are revised as well as grammar and punctuation.   We also practise and perform the end of year production, which links many key skills in English, Music, Art, and DT.


Children collaborate in groups to make maths games, where a great number of skills are covered. We consolidate all of our learning through the year including: arithmetic, shape, space and measures. There is a particular focus on applying maths skills to different problems and real life situations.


The science  topic is Animals, including humans. Children learn about the circulatory system; explore the effects of exercise on the body and discover how to stay healthy. 


We look at celebrations in different religions and rites of passage.


Transition to secondary school is a major theme. We also plan a Year 6 Charity fundraiser. Learning centres around the changes which are about to happen, and we take part in workshops to help prepare for transition.


In computing we use a computer programme, to further develop skills in coding.


Children learn cricket, athletics, Boccia (a competative ball game) and multi-sports. We also go swimming.




We secure our chronological knowledge of the main historical periods and discover the future predicted by the Victorians.


Children compare futuristic cities such as Dubai and Tokyo with their own.  They study photographs and read graphs carefully to gain information about a place.


We make a variety of props for the end of year production. We learn about seasonality of food and plan and design a healthy meal.


We investigate the Futurism movement and create our own pieces of art inspired by this.


Children sing and perform a variety of songs for the end of year production. They also play the steel pans at various school events.