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Communitas Education Trust

In September 2018 Childeric Primary School became an academy and joined Communitas Education Trust.

Our school was performing well and we wanted to ensure it continued to develop and thrive.  The Governing Body and leadership team considered the future strategy of Childeric Primary School.  In an increasingly challenging educational landscape they recognised the need for deeper school-to-school partnership in order to provide an even better educational experience for our children.

Communitas Education Trust currently consists of four schools: Childeric Primary School, John Donne Primary School, Goose Green Primary School and John Keats Primary School.  These schools share our vision of teaching and learning.  We believe that close collaboration with these schools is enabling us to build on our strengths and raise the achievement of our pupils.

Our positive ethos continues to be a priority and Communitas Education Trust supports us in maintaining this ethos.

Each school in the trust is independent and retains its own governing body.

As an academy, the school is independent of the local authority and receives its funding directly from central government.

More information can be found on the Communitas Education Trust website