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Pastoral Information

Community Support Leader

Our School Community Support Leader is Valarie Williams.  Valarie’s role is to support parents/carers and children to get the best from school and to strengthen relationships and communication between home, school and other services.

At Childeric we know that, as well as being rewarding, parenting and caring for a child can be demanding and challenging.  We believe that by working together we can help your child to learn and enjoy their education.

How can Valarie help to support you?

This is a school based service that provides free and confidential support.  The main aim is to help:

  • Strengthen your existing parenting skills
  • Help you to become more involved in our school and your child’s learning
  • Improve your child’s attendance and punctuality
  • Make informed choices and access to local services

Valarie is also available to listen to any worries or concerns you may have with regards to your child’s behaviour, learning or welfare.  This service is confidential and impartial.  She is able to offer advice, guidance and information on all aspects of family life, not just those restricted to education.

Valarie can help:
  • Support you and your child through ‘transition’ from primary to secondary school
  • Signpost local and national services that can help you and your child
  • Support any parenting concerns
  • Give benefits/housing/debt advice
  • Give one-to-one family support
  • Help with filling in forms
  • Signpost for family and adult learning courses

Part of Valarie’s role is to gain parents/carers views and to ensure that these views are represented.

Please speak to the office if you would like to arrange an appointment with Valarie.

Pastoral Support Leader

Our Pastoral Support Leader is Darrell Queeley.  His role is to support children’s well-being and to ensure that children feel safe and secure.

In particular, Mr Queeley provides support and guidance to children who are experiencing difficulties in learning due to social or emotional problems or other issues.  He mentors children individually and works with small groups to help raise self-esteem and aspirations.

Mr Queeley leads after-school clubs to give children further opportunities to develop their confidence and social skills.

If you would like to talk to Mr Queeley please contact the school office.